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Sleeping pills are a suitable treatment for those who have sleeping issues due to stress, anxiety, or any disorder that causes sleeping habits. Sometimes, when the person starts to keep awake throughout the day, it may lead him/her to sleeping disorders, such as Insomnia, sleep deprivation, and more. Sleeping tablets help the person to go for a 7 to 9-hour good sleep and give him/her ease from his/her sleeping disorders. Not only sleeping disorders, but a night of good sleep can also help the person to get relief from other mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and more. Sleeping pills do have the following two subcategories:

Sub-Category 1: The first sub-class is known as Non-benzodiazepine medication, also known as hypnotics. This type of medication has a calming and sleep-inducing impact on the user. These medicines help the patient to sleep the whole night without waking up. Zopiclone for anxietyZolpidem, Zaleplon, and Eszopiclone tablets falls in this category.

Sub-Category 2: The second sub-class is classified as Benzodiazepines, AKA sedative-hypnotics. This medication is prescribed to get treatment for sleep deprivation due to anxiety disorder. These tablets help the person to calm down the anxious and overthinker mind and promote a healthy 8 to 9-hour sleep at night. Alprazolam, Clonazepam, Diazepam 10 mg, Xanax 1mg, Nitrazepam, and more are categorized as Benzodiazepines.

These Non-benzodiazepine and benzodiazepine work with gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA (a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system). These medications help to increase the effects of GABA and provide a relaxed and calming impact on the brain, helping reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

In short, these medications are considered better and safer alternatives for sleep disorders and anxiety disorders. That is why most doctors prescribe these Z drugs to avoid the common side effects of sleeping pills, like daytime sleepiness and tiredness the next day after taking the medication.

What are Sleeping Tablets?

All sleep medications work on the brain to promote drowsiness. Usually, a person can get to sleep within 30 minutes after having the medication. When a person intakes any sleeping tablet it works with GABA and helps to slow down the activities of the brain and helps it to take rest and get sleep. A full 7 to 8-hour sleep can help the person to get relief from mental as well as physical health issues as well. Also, sleeping pills may help in pain management as well. Sometimes a person is unable to sleep due to severe pain and even after taking a painkiller he/she feels difficult to sleep. At that time, sleeping tablets can help you get to sleep. But remember, consult with a physician if you want to take the sleeping pills with any other medication.

There are many types of sleep disorders that usually cause human health. But the following sleep disorders are considered the most common types that affect a person’s mental and physical health:


Insomnia, AKA middle-of-the-night (MOTN), is one of the most common sleep disorders that is caused by a person’s infrequent sleeping habits. Most of the time, a person with Insomnia is unable to fall asleep within 30 minutes. And even the person with Insomnia gets to sleep somehow, he/she will get up middle of the night without reason or will get up with a little disturbance. Along with this, the person will feel tired and uncomfortable throughout the day. Insomnia has the following subcategories:


  • Acute Insomnia: Acute Insomnia is a short-term Insomnia that stays from days to a few weeks. Although Acute Insomnia does not need any particular type of treatment, still, you can have clonazepam dosage for sleep if your Insomnia will go on for a long time.
  • Chronic Insomnia: Chronic Insomnia is a severe sleeping disorder. If a person is unable to sleep for more than three days per week for more than 1-month, it means the person has chronic Insomnia. This type of Insomnia does need treatment because this Insomnia can affect mental as well as physical health. Also, this type of Insomnia has its own subcategories, known as:
  • Primary Chronic Insomnia
  • Secondary Chronic Insomnia

Due to the subtypes of Chronic Insomnia, you will need to first define what type of Insomnia you have before you go for the treatment of chronic Insomnia.


  • Onset insomnia: Onset Insomnia can be either short-term or chronic Insomnia. Because Insomnia can be both. The patient needs to recognize what type of onset Insomnia does have before going for treatment. In the case of Onset Insomnia, the person doesn’t need to go for treatment or medication for a short time until the person gets better. But, if the person is suffering from chronic Insomnia then he/she will need to go for medication for a long time till the doctor recommends it.
  • Maintenance insomnia: If the person:
  • Feels difficulty staying asleep for the whole night.
  • Or the sleep of a person gets disturbed by a minimum voice.
  • Or she/he will wake up early without any noise.
  • Or even sometimes, he/she won’t able to sleep even though he/she does not have any distractions.

The person is suffering from maintenance Insomnia. But, if the person is suffering from maintenance insomnia, he/she may need the treatment as per the condition or severity of maintenance Insomnia.

  • Behavioral Insomnia of Childhood (BIC): BIC is related to kids. In short, behavioral Insomnia in Childhood causes small kids. To treat this Insomnia, the doctor will need to find out in which category the child’s Insomnia falls. Because it has the following three subtypes:


  • BIC sleep-onset
  • BIC limit-setting
  • BIC combined type

Sleep Apnea is a different type of sleep disorder. It is totally different from Insomnia and its types. In this sleeping disorder, the person pauses or stops breathing for a short time while he/she sleeps at night. This type of sleep disorder is considered a severe health condition because it causes less oxygen intake while sleeping. Whether the person does have sleep Apnea or, you need to learn the symptoms of this health condition. If the person is suffering from this condition, you will notice that the person frequently gets up or keeps snoring while sleeping. The reason behind snoring is while the person sleeps at night, he/she feels unable to intake air via the nose and breathe the brain forces the body to breathe through the mouth to stay alive. And when you breathe via the mouth, you will start to make a noise known as snoring. This sleep disorder does have two subcategories, known as:


  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Central sleep apnea

It means the patient will need to recognize which type of sleep apnea the person has.


Parasomnias: It is a sleep disorder in which the patient starts to sleepwalk, sleep talk, groan, have nightmares, bedwetting or teeth grinding, or jaw clenching. If the person has parasomnias, she/he needs to take medication such as zolpidem, Valium, Lorazepam, or alternatives to lorazepam for anxiety. This medication can help you get rid of this sleep disorder.


Restless leg syndrome (RLS):

Restless leg syndrome, AKA Willis-Ekbom disease, is a type of sleep disorder in which a person starts to feel an overwhelming impulse to move his/her legs without reason. A tingling sensation in the legs may accompany it occasionally. While RLS sensations might bother you throughout the day, they are most prominent at night. You won’t be able to get a full night’s rest because of this. RLS does not have a clear cause. However, several medical conditions, including ADHD and Parkinson’s disease, are listed as contributing factors to this sleep disturbance.


Sleep Paralysis: If you ever felt awake yet unable to stand or move your body, it means you are suffering from sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is the term used to describe this disorder. When you transition between the awake and sleep stages, this occurs. You might be unable to move or speak for a few seconds to several minutes as you go from being a sleepyhead to being awake. The person may experience choking or chest pressure at times, rendering him/her unable to move or shout for aid. You can treat this condition with benzodiazepine (5 mg), but make sure you will consult the doctor first. Keep in mind that a person with sleep paralysis may also have narcolepsy or other sleep disorders. Let’s find out more about narcolepsy and the connections between these two sleep disorders.



A sleep attack, which is defined as a sudden feeling of great exhaustion and falling asleep without suddenly, can occur while you are awake and is a rare sleep disease called narcolepsy. As was already said, this might also give you sleep paralysis.


A sleep attack, which is defined as a sudden feeling of great exhaustion and falling asleep without sudden, can occur while you are awake and is a rare sleep disease called narcolepsy. As was already said, this might also give you sleep paralysis.


Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD): While you sleep, your legs will repeatedly cramp and jerk as a result of this condition. The only condition that can only manifest during sleep is this one. It is also referred to as irregular leg (or perhaps limb) movements while you sleep. Periodical movements are those that repeat rhythmically and continuously every 20–40 seconds. PLMD may also be regarded as a sleep disorder because the movements might interfere with sleep and result in daytime tiredness.


Circadian Rhythm Disorder: A change in the timing and length of sleep is a common feature of all circadian rhythm disorders. Circadian is a Latin word that denotes “about or approximately” and “a day” (Diem). Your body’s circadian rhythm, a 24-hour internal clock, regulates your sleep-wake cycle.


Over a day, the visual signal of illumination might help “establish your internal time.” It involves the intensity or kind, length, and light exposure timing. Your brain’s “control center” receives the light through your eyes. Melatonin (a hormone in the brain) is essential for sleep and social interactions. It is one of the additional elements affecting your internal clock. Your capacity to control your sleep-wake cycle may also be impacted by age.


Click on the button for more information about types of sleep disorders.

Patients who are suffering from any type of sleeping disorder, or taking Tramadol For pain, need to follow the below-mentioned guidelines for medication intake:

  • Take the medication with some water.
  • Swallow the medication. Don’t chew or crush it.
  • You can take these medications with or without having food. But have something before taking the tablet for the best results.
  • Don’t intake alcohol or any other drug with a sleeping tablet. It can cause a person’s health or lead him/her to severe conditions.
  • Remember that always take the sleeping pill at night before you go to sleep.
  • Sometimes, sleeping pills may take time to kick in. So wait for it. Don’t overdose on it.
  • Take this medication for a maximum of 4 weeks.
  • Immediately stop taking the medication if you see any side effects.
  • Sleeping pills can cause addiction and you won’t be able to sleep without them. So don’t make this habit.

Whether you will pick the statics of the UK or the USA, you will find out there are more than 50% of adults are or were suffering from sleep disorders at some point in their lives. These disorders are caused because overthinking, work overload, stress, worry, or anxiety. These conditions prevent the person to get a restful and tight sleep that is essential for human health. If the person is having one or more of the following symptoms, it means the person is suffering from a sleep disorder:

If the person is having one or more of the following symptoms, it means the person is suffering from a sleep disorder:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Irregular breathing
  • Increased movement during sleep
  • Irregular sleep and wake cycle
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Abnormal patterns in breathing
  • Uncomfortable sensation
  • Fatigue and difficulty concentrating
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Overthinking habits


If the person is having more than one of the below-mentioned symptoms, the person may have one of the types of sleep disorders. 


After recognizing the disorder, the person needs to get treatment. Most of the time doctors recommend one of the medications mentioned above. You can check out as per your requirements.

Are Sleeping Tablets Safe for Everyone?

This is a fact that every medication does have its potential dangers and sleeping tablets are no different. It means you should check out the following facts before you take this medication:


For Children (From 6 months to 17 years): Children under 17 years should not take sleeping tablets. Still, if they have to take these medications, consult with the physician. The doctor will suggest the patient accurate medication.


For Adults (From 18 to 55 years): Adults can have the medication. Still, they will need to consult with the physician before they take it. If they have severe health conditions, then they can have 1 tablet per day. But after some time, try to reduce the quantity of medication.


For Seniors (For All 56+ years): Seniors need to consult with a physician before they take medication. Because most of the time 56+-year-old people do have other health conditions and they have to take other medication as well. That is why they need to get a consultation before they start taking sleeping pills.

Who Should Not Take Sleeping Tablets?

 There are certain conditions, in which the person should not have sleeping medication. They are:
  • If the person has any allergic reaction to certain types of medicines.
  • If the patient has a physical health problem, like a kidney or liver ailment.
  • If the person has myasthenia gravis (A physical condition that affects muscles)
  • If the patient is expecting or breastfeeding, or even she is trying to get pregnant.
  • If the person has breathing problems or sleeps apnoea/ If the patient was addicted to drugs or alcohol previously.
  • If the person has previous mental health condition history, he/she should consult with the doctor before having the tablets.

What Are The Potential Side Effects of Sleeping Tablets?

Usually, sleeping medications do not have side effects. Still, approximately 10% of people may show any type of side effects after taking the medication. It can be because of the above-mentioned reasons or due to overdose. Here are the common side effects that can be shown after taking the medication: 

  • Behavior change, including hallucinations, agitation, trouble remembering events, suicidal thoughts, and bizarre behavior
  • Diarrhea or nausea
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Headache
  • Prolonged drowsiness 
  • Sleepiness during day
  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Sleep-related behaviors
  • Temporary memory loss because of the heavy dose
  • Unable to think after having the dose

If you are having one of these side effects for a long time, get in touch with the physician immediately.

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